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Build the damned wall. NOW !

June 30, 2018

We do not want an open border with Mexico.

Mexico is a cesspit of corruption. It’s government is a sham. It is intimidated by the drug cartels into ineffectiveness. In just the past 10 months the cartels have slaughtered over 130 political candidates who were not in league with the cartels. That leaves only cartel-approved candidates on the ballot.

We must do everything in our power to seal our southern border.

The Mexican cartels and the Mexican government are in the human trafficking business. There are towns in Mexico whose raison d’etre is drug smuggling and human trafficking.

They grant immigrants access to our border for money. These people are robbed, raped, and killed along the way. It’s good income for the cartels and government officials.

Instead of going to war with Mexico for their duplicity, I want THE WALL built with any funds we can get (public or private) and I want its existence to be broadcast throughout Central America. I want a well-equipped army manning the border while the wall is being built.

A well-built wall is 24/7 and can’t make choices. It doesn’t earn benefits or a pension. Bullets and rocks can’t harm it. It can’t be intimidated or murdered.

We do not want an open border with Mexico.

The Navy’s SeaBee’s are combat construction battalions well known for their ability to BUILD ANYTHING ANYWHERE QUICKLY and protect themselves while doing it.

Build the damned wall. NOW !


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