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Democrats (now openly Socialists) are …

July 20, 2018

the enemy of the American Way of Life and the MSM is their propaganda wing.

Trump was exactly the guy America needed to revitalize America.

He’s succeeding. I want him to continue.

I want more Reps and Sens elected who will support his efforts.

In November I will vote for a Conservative I think will enthusiastically back Trump (to replace Kuster (D-NH 2nd District)

Democrats / Socialists would bring the successes we are enjoying to a halt, and REVERSE THE TREND by:

  • Increasing Government Control in All Aspects of Life and Promoting Socialism
  • Wealth Confiscation
  • Wealth Redistribution
  • Reducing Freedom
  • Bypassing and Ignoring The Constitution
  • Increasing Burdensome Regulations
  • Imposing Costly Mandates
  • Controlling Information
  • Controlling The People
  • Deceiving The People
  • Controlling Business
  • Using the EPA as a Political Weapon
  • Using the IRS as a Political Weapon
  • Promoting Global Citizenship
  • Ending Anything Resembling AMERICA FIRST
  • Opening Our Borders
  • Using the Schools to Indoctrinate Children to Socialism
  • Redacting and Rewriting History
  • Bribing the Gullible and Endlessly Vilifying Those Who Do Not Cooperate

They’ve done all of it before and they want it all to become the de facto LAW Of The LAND.

Voting Democrat (Socialist) shows the voter’s desire for the above, because without exception, that’s what Democrats/Socialists push for when they assume office.

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