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End Abortion Throughout The United States

May 17, 2019

The deception is over. Despite what almost every woman will claim about HER abortion, not all 60,000,000+ abortions were prescribed for medical necessity.

The convoluted, tortured opinion written by Blackmun in Roe v Wade in 1973 (the free love era) gave the irresponsible people an out – “for reasons of health”. Add “right to privacy” to that and women and unscrupulous doctors ran with it. It wasn’t long before abortion mills made an appearance. Since then, men and women have avoided the foreseeable consequences of their sexual activity and used abortion as a contraceptive.

Heartbeat – no longer a collection of cells, but evidence of a human being in development. He’s alive.

Late term abortions which result in a live birth are evidence of attempted murder. In such cases the child was always viable and healthy, and the pregnancy was healthy. There was no medical necessity.

There is a huge moral chasm between people who accept the consequences of their actions and people who are willing to kill to avoid them.

Many legislators defend abortion, even promote it, not because they approve of it but because it guarantees votes. Women who have had abortions might be single-issue voters. When abortion is outlawed and the issue doesn’t exist, how will they vote?

States are choosing to be “baby kill” states or “baby sanctuary” states. Women, abortion-prescribing doctors, and abortionists will simply cross state lines.

Like slavery, abortion is intolerable. “Baby kill” states and “baby sanctuary” states cannot exist side by side.

End abortion throughout the United States.

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