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Veterans know the Supreme Law …

June 17, 2019

In every community throughout the country are citizens who have military training and combat experience who have not forsworn their oath to defend the country against domestic enemies. We know the supreme law, The Constitution.

From privates to sergeant majors, butter bars to 4-stars, and seamen to admirals, we are the best trained militia on the planet.

We are tacticians, snipers, tank drivers, pilots, special forces, riflemen, explosives experts, missile technicians, communications specialists, medics, and ingenious problem solvers. If necessary, we could commandeer anything we need. If necessary, we can capture or kill anyone.

It is against the law to disarm us.

You government officials, mayors, chiefs of police, governors, and legislators who think you are in control and protected from the wrath of The American People, … you haven’t thought it through. Ask King George III how doubling down on the oppressive measures worked out. He was lucky he was several thousand miles away. … You’re not.

If wayward, oath-breaking officials go too far and all legal efforts to restore The People’s RIGHTS are exhausted, I am confident the veterans would answer a call to arms to restore The Constitution. It’s our duty.

It’s on our minds.

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