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Domestic enemies … they’re here

September 12, 2019

“On, September 25th, in two weeks, we will have a hearing on the assault weapons ban, and one of the bills we reported yesterday was to ban the sale of high-capacity magazines, which, by all testimony, is what makes these mass shootings much worse. So, we’re doing that. Buybacks may go a little further than people are willing to go — mandatory buybacks, but certainly, an assault weapons ban, we will consider, and I assume we will vote for it.”
–House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler


THE TIME HAS COME to start organizing phone trees in your area (if you don’t have one) to summon aid. The Constitution must be defended. Don’t let the government get away with it. The people who pass such laws, the people who give the order to enforce them, and the people who obey them will have proven they are the domestic enemy we swore to defend against.

If you’re a cop and support the Bill of Rights, give the intended victims a heads up. But whatever you do, don’t obey the order, don’t participate in a raid.

If you become a victim of a government raid, do not resist. You can’t win that battle alone. Just start the phone tree to summon help. We will surround the area and block the LEOs’ exit. We can force them to disperse empty handed. There will be an AR-15 behind every blade of grass..

The 2nd Amendment states that it’s The People’s duty to protect the free state and tasks them with that duty. So …

We must have arms suitable for revolution or we will lose control of our government. The law makers must KNOW The People have teeth. Government officials who have nothing to fear are dangerous. Remind them that Muammar Gaddafi was captured and killed in the street, Saddam Hussein ended up swinging, and Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu were shot to pieces in an alley.

No matter what laws are passed, KEEP your ARs and AKs and your high capacity magazines. The control-hungry socialists are here to take our freedom. If they can’t do it at the federal level they will try it at the state level. Even if they fail, they have shown themselves to be domestic enemies.


Start thinking about it. Preemptive organization will remove any ideas of confiscation by a future rogue government. The organization must be in place BEFORE they attempt to seize our weapons.

Imagine the freedoms lost in an America controlled by socialists.

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