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If Northam starts a fight – WIN IT !

January 16, 2020

Northam, don’t put your hands on anyone at the gun rally in Richmond. Your best move is to withdraw all law enforcement from the area. Obviously, the people attending the rally will not need protection.

Rallygoers – do not allow the government’s thugs to take anyone away. Use the minimum force necessary to prevent it.

* your ‘assault rifles’ and high capacity mags
* suppressed weapons,
* water,
* trauma kits suitable for treating gunshot wounds.
* body armor with rifle plates
* FPV drones to watch for forces coming toward you

Equip yourselves the way the government will be equipped to deal with you.

Most of you will be out in the open. Have some groups position themselves behind cover and BEHIND the government forces. Establish comms between the main body and the perimeter watch.

You must be prepared to participate in what might become the 2nd Battle of Lexington and Concord.

If the governor starts a fight – WIN IT !

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