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Oppression in America

November 24, 2020

The incoming Democrat Socialist administration intends to replace our freedom with MORE GOVERNMENT INTRUSION into our businesses and personal lives. The government will bolster its power over us with overlapping layers of control. They will prevent America from ever being great again.

The people coming to power have already shown us how things will go.

Their people are already:

  • Embedded in our local, state, and federal governments
  • Embedded in the media
  • Embedded in the edu system
  • Teaching that The Constitution is obsolete
  • Disparaging the Bill of Rights
  • Attacking people of faith
  • Replacing God with government
  • Promoting a government-centric, government-led society
  • Devaluing life
  • Promoting abortion & euthanasia
  • Banning guns
  • Banning free speech
  • Attempting to control the internet, social media, all mass communication
  • Promoting climate fanaticism
  • Engaged in leftist control of the edu system
  • Indoctrinating the children into socialism
  • Promoting illegal immigration and open borders
  • Disparaging sovereignty
  • Attempting to nationalize health care
  • Attempting to connect every issue to health care
  • Attempting to connect every part of living with climate change
  • Promoting massive regulation of business
  • Disparaging wealth
  • Promoting the redistribution of wealth
  • Disparaging profit
  • Promoting global citizenship
  • Disparaging Americanism
  • Disparaging competition
  • Disparaging individual excellence
  • Rewriting history
  • Disparaging heroes of the past
  • Removing symbols of the past
  • Dividing us by race and financial situation
  • Purposely stifling the economy
  • Jailing business owners who want to do business
  • Creating mayhem, hiring mayhem
  • Disbanding the police
  • Releasing criminals
  • Destabilizing America
  • Encouraging attacks against conservatives
  • Shifting government spending and distribution to the federal level to weaken the independence and identities of the states
  • Creating overriding federal legislation to preempt states from addressing issues as they see fit
  • Openly stating Socialism is their goal.

Don’t let them do it.

Live Free or Die !

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