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Crocodile tears …

August 26, 2021

The Leftists want to destroy us in the eyes of the world. Destroy the American experiment.

  1. The China Virus (Fauci-connection).
  2. The Leftists took advantage of the virus to fix the election with mail-in voting and inserted malleable patsy Biden.
  3. Biden, on the advice of unknown advisors, pulls our military out of Afghanistan with no regard for the tens of thousands of hostages left behind – Americans, Canadians, British, Japanese, … allies.
  4. The Taliban move in and kill the people who worked with any westerners.
  5. The Taliban are in control.
  6. Our allies no longer have confidence in America.
  7. The State Department admits we are at the mercy of the Taliban.
  8. The Taliban starts killing our military and people trying to get out. (today 26 Aug)

More bombings coming? What’s to stop them? The Democrats?

Leftists Democrats Socialist legislators privately laughing, drinking champagne, “Orange man bad! Ha ha ha It didn’t take very long ! … Ha ha ha !”

Then make public announcements with crocodile tears, “My heart breaks for our servicemen …” (note to self: push for reduction in military spending)

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